From classic takes on modern characters to vintage throwbacks, we've got all you need.

  • History

    Starting off as an Instagram account in early 2022, FL_Bricks has gained notariety by producing high quality UV printed custom minifigures and decal sets at an affordable price range.

  • Wiseguy Customs Acquisition

    In an effort to continue to provide the most cost effective and high quality custom products, we have acquired the rights to Wiseguy Customs decals and will be selling them exclusively on our shop. Look out for your favorite designs and many more to come.

  • Printing

    At the current time, we utilize the printing services of outside sources, however we hope to invest in a UV or Pad Printing machine in the future. We print our figures on 100% official parts unless otherwise noted. Some exceptions may include third party helmets or accessories.

  • Our Goal

    As someone who has been collecting Lego since I was a young child, there have always been certain things that I wish had official releases, from characters in video games to useful parts. We here at FL Bricks Customs, strive to make those dreams a reality.